Natone Lodge is made up mostly of soft trap soils with good arable Creek & Box flats along most of the numerous creek systems. Country is generally undulating with some steeper areas. Sensibly cleared with extensive shelter & shade timber belts comprising Iron Bark, Apple, Box, Gum, Cypress Pine & a variety of other species. Extensive areas of usable Cypress Pine, Ironbark & Box timber.

Natone Lodge grows all varieties of grasses common to the traprock area plus trefoil & herbages in season. Substantial areas of the property could be improved with pasture development.

Natone Lodge Area & Tenure

3175ha (7848acs) Freehold in four titles. Plus 3.46ha (8.54acs) surveyed road and 385ha (951acs) of flood reserve lease. Stanthorpe shire rates $2,840.18. Lease rent $363.00.

Title particulars as follows:

Swallow's Nest

Lot 20 on crown plan CVE 581. 1273.6ha (3147acs) Freehold plus flood reserve Lease F of 81.6ha (201.63acs) in County Clive, Parish Claremont.

Improvements: 4 padds, 5 dams plus numerous springs. 1 equipped bore with windmill & pumpjack. Extensive lake frontage. Sheep and cattle yards. Timber resources, jasper and limestone deposits.

Marble Hills

Lot 2 on crown plan CVE 529, 1780 (4398acs) Freehold plus 3.46ha (8.54acs) surveyed road and flood reserve Lease E of 244.8ha (605acs) in County Clive, Parish Claremont.

Improvements: 6 padds, 3 holding padds, shepherds hut, 5 dams, numerous springs, extensive lake frontage, timber resources & limestone deposits.

The Lodge

Lot 39 on crown plan CVE 593, 73.14ha (180acs) Freehold plus 30.3ha (74.87acs) of flood reserve Lease H in County Clive, Parish Glenlyon.

Improvements: 4 bedroom homestead, 2 sheds, horse yard and saddle room, 1 padd, 6 holding padds, 4 dams, power and phone with lake frontage.

Tartan Hill

Lot 33 on crown plan CVE 525, 49.22ha (121.62acs) Freehold plus 28.7ha (71acs) of flood reserve Lease G in County Clive, Parish Glenlyon.

Improvements: 1 padd, 1 holding padd, 1 dam plus creek and lake frontage.

Natural Resource


There are large deposits of extractable limestone throughout the property.


There is a substantial deposit of Jasper gravel suitable for decorative landscaping etc.

Iron Bark & Box

Large quantities of Iron Bark & other species of trees suitable for milling, post, rails, firewood, split posts, sleepers & honey production.